Thalasso therapy is based on the healing and detoxifying effects of the sea water. The pores are opened, easing the circulation, restoring balance to the flow of blood through the body and correcting any flaws or imperfections. Seaweed, with its healing antibiotics and antiviral properties, rounds off the process.

Marine Detoxing Body Wrap
This treatment is based on the renowned esthetical technique of heat wrapping. Gentle exfoliation using a marine sponge at the start of the treatment stimulates the epidermis. The marine wrap is then applied to the whole body and is activated by a gentle warmth diffused by a heated blanket. During the wrap the therapist relaxes your foot muscles with a special activating foot massage. The ritual is compleated by the apply of a pampering body cream that leaves you beautifully relaxed and detoxed.                          90 min                                                      
Morpho designer - perfect contour treatment    
This innovative body treatment offers an integral beauty experience by combining three major esthetic actions in a single protocol: contouring, firmness and skin quality. After a smoothing multi-exfoliation, a underwater massage bad, a reshaping and refining massage sculpts “dream contours” for perfect-looking skin.   90 min


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